The Original One-Step

Direct From Our Glendale, AZ Factory

Fix-a-Disc offers a complete range of solutions designed to protect and repair your valuable discs from harm. From our newest, state-of-the-art Fix-A-DiscŪ One Step machines, to our complete line of Disc Repair and Protection Products, Fix-a-Disc can keep all of your discs spinning in top shape... and save you valuable time and money in the process.


Polishing Compound

Reduced Bulk Rates!

Don't be fooled by imitation compound! Cheap compound can endanger your investment. Buy the best. To get the 4 Gallon Case Discount, Call 623-330-5419


CD Cleaner Pads

Call For Bulk Discounts

Our pads keep your machine running smooth. Cheap pads fall apart and clog the moving parts, overheating the motor.

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